Batman - 1966 Batusi Dance Batman 6 inch Bust

Batman’s specialty 1960’s style go-go dance, The Batusi, has been paid tribute in this Batman bust featuring the likeness of actor Adam West.

The Batusi is pun on the then-popular dance the Watusi, which took the American dance halls and beaches by storm. The Batusi is performed by making a horizontal V-sign with one’s index and middle fingers of both hands, and drawing them across in front of the eyes, away from the centre of the face simultaneously with the eyes roughly between the fingers. 

Measuring approximately 6 inch tall, this resin bust, based upon the pilot episode of the 1966 TV series Batman features the caped crusader performing his Batusi moves that quickly became a pop culture phenomenon. 

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Batman - 1966 Batusi Dance Batman 6 inch Bust

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