• Aliens - Col. James Cameron 7inch Action Figure
Aliens - Col. James Cameron 7inch Action Figure
‘You Can't Scare Me, I Work For James Cameron' - T-shirt worn by crew members on James Cameron movies (allegedly)
Director James Cameron joins the Aliens universe as an action figure!andnbsp;
The first-ever action figure featuring his likeness is a tribute to the process of creating the movie Aliens as well as the director himself. USCM Colonel Cameron becomes the highest-ranking officer in the Aliens movie universe.
The 7 inch scale figure has over 25 points of articulation and features the likeness of James Cameron as he appeared during the filming of Aliens.andnbsp;
There are a few fun Easter eggs relating to the director hidden on the figure itself: a Canadian flag shoulder patch, the Lightstorm logo, and a Pandora planet patch.
The figure comes with pistol, pulse rifle, and tracking device, plus two "behind-the-scenes" accessories: a replica clapboard and the viewfinder Cameron wore around his neck while filming for setting up shots.

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Aliens - Col. James Cameron 7inch Action Figure

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