• Teddy Scares - Chopper Read 8

Teddy Scares - Chopper Read 8

TEDDY SCARES 8 Inch MARK 'CHOPPER' READRedmond Gore is locked away now, but he is patient. He might seem harmless. Don't be fooled! Evil is imprisoned in this straitjacket. He'll wait...he'll wait until the moment you let your guard down. Then he's gonna get you!This Teddy Scare features Redmond Gore as Mark 'Chopper' Read. Printed on his straitjacket is 'CHOPPER - H.M. PRISON'.Don't be frightened. I was once your friend. I played with you during the day and guarded you when you slept at night. When you were sick, I stayed by your side. When everyone was too busy, I was there for you. Time passed and you left me behind. I waited and waited for you to remember me as my insides rotted. I'm back for you. I want to show you my world now. Enjoy your stay, but remember why you came or you may go mad...

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Teddy Scares - Chopper Read 8

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