• Magic the Gathering - Dominaria Bundle

Magic the Gathering - Dominaria Bundle

Return to Dominaria, where Magic began!

For the 25th anniversary of Magic the Gathering, Magic returns to its first plane and most famous location, Dominaria. Featuring a rich world of history and nostalgia for new and returning players. Explore the plane that gave birth to Slivers, Planeswalkers and Phyrexia!

Dominaria is overflowing with Magic history, including reprints of some all-stars from past sets, and fan favourite characters returning with new cards and new abilities. Dominaria will also introduce a whole new category of cards, historic, which allows you to get an in-game advantage for playing a deck that honours the plane’s rich history.

The Magic the Gathering - Dominaria Bundle contains:

10 Dominaria Booster Packs

80-Card Basic Land Pack

1 Dominaria Card Box

Spindown Life Counter

Players Guide

Each Booster Pack includes 15 cards to add to your Magic the Gathering collection, and one of those 15 cards will be a rare or mythic rare! Some packs will even contain a premium foil card!

Add the Magic the Gathering - Dominaria Bundle to your collection and get ready for battle!

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Magic the Gathering - Dominaria Bundle

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