• Captain Scarlet - Captain Black 1:6 Scale 12 Inch Action Figure

Captain Scarlet - Captain Black 1:6 Scale 12 Inch Action Figure

Upon graduating from university, Conrad Turner, joined the British Air Force. As a young pilot Turner flew a sabotaged plane away from his base out over the Atlantic, where it exploded harmlessly. Ejecting moments before the explosion, Turner’s body was found charred almost beyond recognition. Surgeons worked for hours to save his life. Six months later, having recovered from his injuries, Turner accepted a posting to the World Army Airforce. Several years later, he transferred to the World Space Patrol and he became one of the WSP’s most famous officers. Highly praised by the government, he was one of the first men considered when Spectrum was being formed. Given the codename Captain Black, Turner was the obvious choice to lead an expedition to Mars. Discovering an alien city, Black mistook the intentions of the inhabitants – the Mysterons and believed they were hostile, destroying the city. Determined to be avenged for the unprovoked attack, the Mysterons took control of Conrad Turner to use as their own agent in the War of Nerves they declared against the Earth.

What's in the Box

Fully realised character likeness of Captain Black with Optix Action Eyes

Anatomix Male Body with Multiple Points of Articulation

Authentic Spectrum Officer Uniform includes:



Tunic with Belt and Holster


Cap with Flip Down Microphone

Pair of Poseable Hands with Bendable Fingers

Accessories Include:

Spectrum Officer Pistol


Spectrum Display Base

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Captain Scarlet - Captain Black 1:6 Scale 12 Inch Action Figure

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