Cowboy Bebop - Vicious 22 Inch Statue

"A ravenous beast. The same blood runs through both of us. The blood of a beast who wanders, hunting for the blood of others."

The ambitious member of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate is scheming up another coup with this devious Vicious 22” Statue by First 4 Figures.

Based on the hit anime series Cowboy Bebop, the Vicious 22” Statue has been expertly crafted in resin with authentic details and paintwork to capture the style of the beloved series. The concept for this statue revolves around Vicious' indifferent yet ruthless personality, which you can immediately tell from the expression on his face to his seemingly passive posture. Being the cunning man that he is, he's secretly holding a knife behind his back so that he could strike at any given moment without his enemies expecting it, and perched on his left shoulder is his iconic pet bird that follows him everywhere.

The limited edition Vicious statue stands approximately 22” tall on a themed base with the Cowboy Bebop logo, and on the side is an official artwork scroll that matches all the statues from First 4 Figures’ Cowboy Bebop lineup, which also includes the Faye Valentine statue and the Ed and Ein statue.

Hatch some cunning schemes with the Vicious 22” Statue in your Cowboy Bebop collection.

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Cowboy Bebop - Vicious 22 Inch Statue

  • $699.99

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