Disney Treasures Introductory Offer

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Disney Treasures Introductory Offer

- Offer available via www.gameskeysaustralia.com

- Offer expires on 31/03/2017. Customers who orders Pioneer Boxes until 31/03/2017 are all part of this offer. 

- Cost: $479.99 for the Pioneer Box. 

- What does the offer include?

-- Members get all standard 3 Inch Pops for $15. 

-- 10% Discount on Non-Special items. Excludes Subscription Boxes and Digital Games

-- 1 Hour Early Acess to Comicon Exclusives Figures from Australian Supplier. 

-- 1 Day Early Access to Comicon Exclusives Figures from Other Suppliers. Check our Facebook page regularly for these exclusive. As we get them regularly. 

 -- Membership expires on the day 6th box is shipped


 Terms and Conditions. 

 - Offer Only available to cusotmers in Australia

 - Non-Refundable charge 

 - Customer will not be part of GKA Keys Reward Program. Any Keys will be put on hold until the membership expires.

- A standard Funko Pop! is a 3 Inch non-comicon Exclusive pop that is available on Games Keys Australia for AUD$16.50



 Q: I have GKA Keys under my account? What happens to it. 

 A: We will convert all the GKA keys into the nearest best possible GKA Key Card. You will need to use this card before we enroll into this offer. Any remaining keys will be left as it is until the Membership expires. 

Q: If I purchase Traveller or Adventurer box, do I get Disney Treasures Introductory Offer?

A: No, Disney Treasures Introductory Offer is only available to customers who order Pioneer box on or before 31st March 2017.