• Ant-Man - Ant-Man Artist Mix Hot Toy Figure

Ant-Man - Ant-Man Artist Mix Hot Toy Figure

Marvel’s Ant-Man is at last coming to screens this July, and in anticipation of this tremendous event Hot Toys have announced a new line of Artist Mix figures featuring Ant-Man, the villain Yellowjacket and a special Black Out Version of our miniature hero. 

First announced in 2006, Ant-Man was spearheaded by director Edgar Wright until parting from the project mid-2014 due to the classic ‘creative differences’ line. Starring Paul Rudd, Ant-Man follows Scott Lang, a petty criminal who is hired by Hank Pym, a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who in 1963 discovered a certain set of Subatomic particles allowing to create a suit that can shrink a man in size, yet allow for tremendous strength. The Ant-Man suit design has been stolen by Pym’s former protege who has materialized a suit of his own, with the intention of changing the face of Modern Warfare. It is up to Scott Lang to suit up as Ant-Man, stop Yellowjacket, steal back the technology, and save the world. 

TOUMA is a Japanese toys character designer. who has had his solo exhibitions and  in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and America. TOUMA and his 3D animation partner Shiroma have collaborated with Hot Toys to ignite the Artist Mix Collection series.

This Artist Mix Deluxe Ant-Man figure stands 13 cm tall as is complete with a non-articulated body and bobble-head. 

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Ant-Man - Ant-Man Artist Mix Hot Toy Figure

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