• Aliens - Alien Queen 19 Inch Maquette Statue

Aliens - Alien Queen 19” Maquette Statue

Prepare your Power Loader, the Alien Queen is being released as a nightmarish maquette statue!

In partnership with Legacy Effects, the incredible talent behind creating the Xenomorphs for the film Aliens, Sideshow are proud to present the Alien Queen 19” Maquette Statue. The monstrous matriarch is prowling atop an intricate themed base, with her sinewy limbs and tail curling protectively around her eggs and facehugger young, along with two of her Alien Warrior children, all of which are made to scale with their Queen.

The immensely detailed Alien Queen maquette has been sculpted in the biomechanical style from the brilliant mind of H.R. Giger, the legendary artist who originally created the Alien creature designs. The statue captures the horror of the Alien Queen's unforgettable presence in Aliens, with the Queen's flared head crown and fangs revealing her iconic inner jaw, which is ready to bite at anyone who dares approach her hellish offspring.

The Alien Queen Maquette is the crown jewel for any Aliens collection, and even better when paired with the Alien King 20” Maquette Statue for the ultimate homage to the terrifying Xenomorph creatures.

In space, no one can hear you scream if you miss out on getting your Alien Queen 19” Maquette Statue!

Limited Edition - 1,250 Units Worldwide

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Aliens - Alien Queen 19 Inch Maquette Statue

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