• Aliens - M314 Motion Tracker 1:1 Scale Replica
Aliens - M314 Motion Tracker 1:1 Scale Replica

"Alright, Hicks, Hudson, use your motion trackers."
Got some aliens roaming your home that need to be tracked? Have no fear, for Holloywood Collectibles are proud to announce the release of this amazing Aliens M314 Motion Tracker Prop Replica!
Ok so maybe it won't ACTUALLY track aliens, however that doesn't take from the fact that this is replica is certified awesome!
The M314 Motion Tracker is a simple surveillance device originally designed for use by rescue and police services. Essentially, it is a high-powered ultrasound scanner that uses doppler-shift discrimination to filter out moving objects from stationary background.
To produce a screen accurate replica of the Motion Tracker, Hollywood Collectibles first had to track down all of the original components that the prop master for Aliens, Terry Reed, used to make the original.
This included the correct Kango 426 hammer drill casing and Hama slide viewer. Using these parts, accurate prototypes were built to enable the production of a replica that is faithful to the prop seen in the movie.
Constructed using a thick, high quality, injection molded polymer case, metal and other mixed media (just like the original), this Motion Tracker replica also features authentic working electronics and sound! A press of the button and the video sequence starts with the Aliens closing in, and the "beeps" getting ever closer together...
You'll feel like you're in the movie!
Dimension: Approx. 11 Inchandnbsp; (W) x 9 Inch (H)

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Aliens - M314 Motion Tracker 1:1 Scale Replica

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