• Batman - Scarecrow Premium Format Statue
Batman - Scarecrow Premium Format Statue

"Fear, you must understand is more than a mere obstacle. Fear is a TEACHER. the first one you ever had"

As the self-proclaimed “Master of Fear” Dr. Jonathan Crane A.K.A The Scarecrow is haunted batman for years in many various terrifying forms. Through the use of his Fear Toxin, Scarecrow can exploit the fears and phobias of his victims to bend them to his will.

Standing at a menacing 21.5” tall, this incredible Premium Format™ Figure showcases The Scarecrow in all his terrifying glory. As he looms above with one foot firmly planted on a headstone reading “Jason Todd” he grins toothily. The ground cracks open in a swirling cloud of Fear Toxin Gas revealing a zombified Robin emerges with malicious intent. Is all this real? Or some hideous nightmare concocted by Crane?

In true Premium format fashion, the dynamically posed figure and scene have been sculpted with an insane amount of fine textural detail and form. Every stitch, wrinkle and crease, from the hangman's noose to the ruptured earth has been carefully painted with precision and finesse to give the whole piece a genuine sense of true quality.

Embrace your own fears and confront them, by adding this Scarecrow Premium Format™ Figure to your collection today!

Product Size: 21.5 H x 12” W x 8” D

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Batman - Scarecrow Premium Format Statue

  • $999.99

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