Critical Role - Taryon Darrington Vox Machina Statue

"Doty, take this down."

Sideshow presents the Taryon Darrington - Vox Machina Statue, lending his exploratory expertise to the Critical Role statue collection. This resplendent figure measures 11.9" tall as a fully sculpted, three-dimensional monument to a true adventurer of Tal'Dorei.

An author, alchemist, and arcane inventor in search of excitement and peril for his latest publications, Taryon Darrington has a new act of bravery to add to his list: joining your collection alongside the legendary heroes of Vox Machina. Though his dazzling gold armor may not be battle-worn, he is certainly ready to undertake all manner of death-defying quests. Tary comes equipped with an enchanted helmet and his Rod of Mercurial Form, which has been transformed into a sword. The commander of the Darrington Brigade stands proud, looking every inch the damsel-saving, dragon-slaying hero he hopes to be.

The Taryon Darrington - Vox Machina Statue stands on an 8.4" wide and 9.5" deep hexagonal faux-stone base engraved with the Vox Machina monogram, complementing his other teammates in the collection. His dignified ensemble is complete with details like a vibrant red cape, blue and red gem-like accents, and a refined, ruffled collar. Tary's portrait also has carefully coiffed blonde hair, a mustache, and a goatee.

Join the adventure firsthand and bring home the Taryon Darrington - Vox Machina Statue for your cast of Critical Role collectibles today!

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Critical Role - Taryon Darrington Vox Machina Statue

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