Critical Role - Vex Vox Machina 11 Inch Statue

“Secrets aren’t safe when Vex is around!”

Vex is aiming for your Critical Role collection with this fantastic limited edition statue by Sideshow Collectibles.

Vex'ahlia, twin sister of Vax'ildan, is a charming Half-Elf Ranger with a sharp eye and a practical heart, lending her sharpshooting skills to the legendary adventuring party Vox Machina. Shown here as a high-leveled hero, Vex nocks an arrow on her weapon Fenthras, a mythical longbow reclaimed from a corrupted Archfey. Its plantlike limbs have grown and matured with the ranger herself, making her a formidable hunter.

The Vex Vox Machina 11” Statue captures the elegance and agility of the graceful Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt, standing approximately 11.5” tall on a Critical Role hexagonal faux-stone themed base, engraved with the Vox Machina monogram to complement her fellow adventures. The Vex statue has been sculpted with incredible details, complete with a feather in her hair and a wry smile on her lips, and intricate textures to recreate the look of fur and chainmail across her armor to bring the beloved character to life.

Continue the grand adventures with the Vex Vox Machina 11” Statue in your Critical Role collection.

Artists: Ryan Peterson (Sculpt), Rachel Roubicek (Design), Matt Molen (Design), Casey Love (Paint), The Sideshow Design and Development Team (Design & Development).

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Critical Role - Vex Vox Machina 11 Inch Statue

  • AUD $349.99

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