• DuckTales - Scrooge McDuck Plush Toy
DuckTales - Scrooge McDuck Plush Toy
Remember when the only way to watch your favourite cartoons was to gather around the television pre/post school, in order to cram in as much animated goodness as possible in a two-hour timeslot? For us Aussies we had Cheez TV and Saturday Disney, but for all the cartoon-hungry children in the U.S, they were treated to 'The Disney Afternoon'. Well Funko have stepped in to help your relive those glorious memories of your childhood by announcing a new wave of Disney Afternoon Plush Toys!
Airing for seven years, 'The Disney Afternoon' aired weekdays form 3-5pm and featured classic disney cartoons such as DuckTales, Darkwing Duck, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers and more!
Here we have Scrooge McDuck looking rather happy, so we can only assume he's been busy counting his vass fortune.
Take Scrooge home with you today!

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DuckTales - Scrooge McDuck Plush Toy

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  • Product Code: FUN26170
  • GKA Keys: 200
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