• Evil Dead 2 - Ash Williams One:12 Collective 1/12th Scale Action Figure
Evil Dead 2 - Ash Williams One:12 Collective 1/12th Scale Action Figure
Eviscerating his way into Mezco’s One:12 Collective is everyone’s favourite chainsaw-wielding hero from the Evil Dead series, Ash Williams!
Upon arriving to a remote cabin in the woods, Ash is swarmed by relentless hoards of deranged Deadites who want him dead by dawn. Armed with his infamous chainsaw appendage and shotgun, Ash does what he needs to do, hack and slash his way to survival.
Based on the cult classic film Evil Dead 2, the One:12 Collective Ash Williams action figure includes three different head portraits with the likeness of the iconic star of the Evil Dead series, Bruce Campbell - including heroic, surprised and Deadite Ash portraits. To properly replicate his appearance in the film, Ash is authentically presented in a ripped blue button-down shirt and brown pants, and is equipped with his trademark chainsaw hand and sawn-off shotgun. The hand-painted figure stands at approximately 6.5 Inch tall and features 28 points of articulation for dynamic posing, and comes with multiple accessories, including the Necronomicon (aka The Book of the Dead), Ash’s severed demonic hand and a decapitated Deadite head.
Accessories include:
  • Three (3) head portraits
  • Heroic
  • Surprised expression
  • Deadite Ash
  • Five (5) interchangeable hands
  • One (1) pair of fists (L&R)
  • One (1) shotgun holding hand (L)
  • One (1) Book of the Dead holding hand (L)
  • One (1) chainsaw hand (R)
  • Costume:
  • Detailed ripped blue cloth shirt
  • Tailored brown work pants
  • Sculpted shotgun harness
  • Work boots
  • One (1) Book of the Dead
  • One (1) Severed possessed hand
  • One (1) Severed Deadite head
  • One (1) sawn-off shotgun
The Ash Williams One:12 Collective Action Figure is designed with collectors in mind and comes packaged in a collector friendly box with no twist ties for easy in-and-out of package display.
Don’t be a Deadite, add Ash to your One:12 Collective collection!

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Evil Dead 2 - Ash Williams One:12 Collective 1/12th Scale Action Figure

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