Jurassic Park - Dilophosaurus Icons 3.5 Inch Statue

W a r n i n g s: The Dilophosaurus can spit poison. Do better than Dennis Nedry and proceed with caution by wearing the appropriate eye coverings.

The Jurassic Park-Icons series have added another statue… Introducing the Dilophosaurus! The 3.5” statue of the Dilophosaurus stands above the Jurassic Park logo engraved across the base. This miniature maintains the same meticulous detailing of textures and overall sculpt as the larger scale counterparts.

Hissing to announce its attack, the Dilophosaurus shakes the hidden fans from its neck. Spitting poison to stun their victims, these dinosaurs hunt in packs but only the leader has permission to kill their prey. And yet, this species is far more lethal than its original form. Since this dinosaur originated from the beginning of the Jurassic Period before mosquitoes, their DNA contained a wider gap than the other dinosaurs. Filling this gap with the Golden Dart frog resulted in a far deadlier predator.

Don’t let another era pass! Order Jurassic Park - Dilophosaurus Icons 3.5” Statue online today and add it to your Jurassic Park collection!

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Jurassic Park - Dilophosaurus Icons 3.5 Inch Statue

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