Jurassic World - Velociraptor B Blue Icons 3.5 Inch Statue

Although recognized as a ferocious Velociraptor, we couldn’t help but hold a soft spot for Blue. Trained alongside other velociraptors, Blue became a crowd favorite as he loyally kept to Owen’s side. Despite being one of the feared carnivores that hunt in packs, Blue proves to be an invaluable companion and rescues Owen from many close calls.

Now available as a 3.5” Icon statue, Blue fits perfectly on your shelf with your Dinosaur collection! He poses with his tail curled in the air, head tilted to the side in curiosity as he gauges friend from foe. With his iconic blue stripe running from his eyes to the tip of his tail, Blue is a sight for sore eyes when separated from Owen. Fans of Jurassic World will love this highly detailed 3.5” Icon Statue!

Don’t let another era pass by, order this 3.5” Statue of Blue, the Velociraptor, online today and add it to your dinosaur collection!

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Jurassic World - Velociraptor B Blue Icons 3.5 Inch Statue

  • $109.99

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