Jurassic World - Velociraptor Blue Icons 4 Inch Statue

Seen in Jurassic World and based on Michael Crichton’s novel, the genetically enhanced Velociraptor Statue of Blue holds all the detail of a larger Statue form!

Capturing our hearts with this dinosaur’s capacity to express emotions, such as affection, pain, and empathy, Blue proves his loyalty to Owen on multiple occasions. The Velociraptor isn’t one to be trifled with, his claws, jaws, and speed make him to be a formidable hunting machine. You won’t want Blue hunting for you. 

This 4” Statue depicts the Velociraptor as he’s seen in “Jurassic World”, and even made an appearance in “Camp Cretaceous.” Blue features his iconic stripe running across both sides of his tail and trails all the way up to his eyes. The base presents the logo to Jurassic World with worn cracks at the edges. 

Don’t let another Era pass before adding this detailed Statue of the Velociraptor to your dinosaur collection today!

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Jurassic World - Velociraptor Blue Icons 4 Inch Statue

  • AUD $99.99

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