Kellogg’s - Pop-Tarts Card / Board Game

Funko’s new Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts Game is hours of fast-paced, flavour-filled fun for the whole family!

A parade of Pop-Tarts lines up between the freezer and the toaster - and it’s up to you to snag the ones you want! You’ll use cards to rearrange the line so that you can prepare the Pop-Tarts the way that YOU want - frozen or toasted - and get them on your plate. Chocolate, strawberry and peanut butter are just some of the tasty flavours up for grabs.

Some people like their Pop-Tarts frozen. Others like theirs toasted. In this game, how you eat your Pop-Tarts determines how many points you get. Play action cards, create delicious combos, and move cards to get your favourite Pop-Tarts into prime chomping position. The first player to “eat” the most points, wins!

Easy to learn and plenty of twists, Kellogg’s Pop-Tart Game is the ultimate game for the real sweet tooth.


1 x Arrow Card

1 x Toaster Card

1 x Freezer Card

1 x First Player Card

6 x Reference Cards

60 x Pop-Tarts Cards

45 x Action Cards

6 x Plate Cards

15 x Bonus Cards

1 x Instruction Booklet

For Ages 13+, 2-6 players.

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Kellogg’s - Pop-Tarts Card / Board Game

  • AUD $17.99

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