Kurt Cobain - Kurt Cobain 1/4th Scale Statue

This highly detailed 1/4th Scale Statue masterfully captures Kurt Cobain’s steady demeanor. Seated on a desk chair with an acoustic guitar on his lap and a microphone leveled to his mouth, lyric book before him, Kurt Cobain is geared up and ready to perform. The base is decorated with a single circular rug, matching the color of Cobain's guitar.

Kurt Cobain inspired many in his time as a revolutionary rock singer-songwriter and guitarist. He and his band members, Krist Novoselic and Aaron Burckhard introduced a new genre to music now known as grunge rock. With Cobain’s angst-driven songwriting, and his anti-establishment ethos, this musician was ahead of his time as he helped pave the way to the modern day.

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Kurt Cobain - Kurt Cobain 1/4th Scale Statue

  • Brand: Blitzway
  • Product Code: BLIBW-SS-21501

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  • AUD $1,299.99

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