• Megaman - Proto Man 13 inch Statue

Megaman - Proto Man 13 inch Statue

Proto Man is a prototype robot designed by Dr Light. As he was only a prototype design, he ended up developing a life-threatening problem in his energy core, but refused his creator’s help, fearing that it would cost him his individuality. He was found almost dead by the evil Dr. Wily, who not only saved his life, but also equipped Proto Man with the Proto shield. Having initially sworn loyalty to the evil scientist, Proto Man later sided with and now fights alongside Megaman in the battle against evil.

Standing upon the Shadow Man stage inspired base from Megaman 3, Protoman stands at 13 inch tall and is cast in high quality polystone. The entire statue has been hand painted to capture Proto Man in his element.

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Megaman - Proto Man 13 inch Statue

  • Brands First 4 Figures
  • Product Code: F4F073
  • GKA Keys: 4000
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $399.99

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