• Munnyworld - 2 Inch DIY Micro Trikky Vinyl

Munnyworld - 2 Inch DIY Micro Trikky Vinyl

Trikky is a cool blank vinyl toy that can be customised with an almost endless number of creating tools!

You can draw on Trikky, paint on Trikky, use pens, pencils and crayons on Trikky! If you're feeling especially creative you can things for Trikky to hold or hats for Trikky's head. Or you can just leave Trikky alone and keep Trikky near you when you listen to loud music.

Trikky comes in a blind box so you don't know which colour you're going to get! White, purple, blue, red and yellow - try to collect them all! Trikky also comes with a paint can accessory and a sticker sheet.

In Munnyworld, you can do anything you want! Create, trade, display and make them your own!

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Munnyworld - 2 Inch DIY Micro Trikky Vinyl

  • AUD $9.99

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