• Night of the Grand Octopus - Board Game

Night of the Grand Octopus - Board Game

It's the perfect night! As a devoted cultist of the Grand Octopus, you sneak into the celebrated English university to search for the four ingredients necessary to complete the magic ritual that will allow Him to return to this world. But it turns out others have the same idea.

Stealthily gather what you need while keeping an eye on the other cultists and thwarting them when possible. Sometimes clever negotiations are needed. be the first to complete the task and you will be able to invoke the Grand Octopus and earn His Favour. 


Simultaneous choices allow for everyone to play every time

Offensive and defensive actions taken each turn

Amazing artwork captures the spooky and otherworldly setting

Basic rule set allows for players as young as 7 to play


  • 1 game board
  • 1 Dagger of Power
  • 2 two-sided Seventh Location boards
  • 5 Cultist pawns, one per colour
  • 5 Offspring pawns, one per colour
  • 5 Cult Power markers, one per colour
  • 5 Command Clock, one per colour
  • 28 component tokens, 4 each of: grimoire, stone idol, skull, potion, start chart, plant, silver key)
  • 1 rulebook

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Night of the Grand Octopus - Board Game

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  • Product Code: IEL51179

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  • AUD $69.99

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