• Office Space - Joanna Pop! Vinyl Figure

Office Space - Joanna Pop! Vinyl Figure

Anyone who works that cliche 9-5 stuck-at-a-computer office job (hey look it's me!) will know that Office Space is our film.The film's box off failure could not hold it back from becoming a cult favourite, since director Mike Judge did such an incredible job of capturing how it feels to be working a job that you don't necessarily like, but need.

This wave of Office Space Pop! Vinyls features four of your favourites; we've got restaurant waitress Joanna, who will enjoy spending her time with software developer Peter Gibbons as they discuss their shared love of the television series Kung Fu. Joining them is the Vice President of Initech, Bill Lumbergh, looking as sharp as ever in his suspenders. Oh and we can't forget Milton Waddams, who as you would expect, comes complete with his red Swingline stapler.

So, uh, if you could just open your wallet and order the whole wave of Office Space Pop! Vinyls… that'd be great.

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Office Space - Joanna Pop! Vinyl Figure

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