Pinocchio (1940) - Figaro Cosplay 10 Inch Faux Leather Mini Backpack

“Say hello to Figaro!”

Figaro, Geppetto’s pet tuxedo cat, has become a Loungefly mini backpack!

The story of Pinocchio begins with a kindly woodworker, Geppetto, who crafted a puppet made of pine and wished upon a falling star that the wooden boy could come to life. To his joy, his wish is granted, and his family is expanded. Part of the family is Figaro, an adorable black and white cat living like a pint-sized prince.

On the front, Figaro comes to life with custom-shaped applique and embroidered details! His happy face peeks out over Cleo the goldfish’s bowl, which is coated in a layer of clear PVC for an aquarium feel. Cleo looks up at the tuxedo cat with a smile from inside the bowl, which cleverly disguises a hidden zipper compartment! The compartment is accessible with an enamel zipper charm of a wooden conductor bird; one of the many detailed pieces part of the plethora of hand-made clocks in Geppetto’s workshop. On the back, you’ll find Figaro’s tail—which moves! Figaro is also featured dancing together with Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, and Geppetto, who gleefully plays the accordion. 

Product Features:

Enamel zipper charm

Faux leather

Adjustable shoulder straps

Applique and embroidery

Printed details

Bring a little joy to your heart with the Figaro Cosplay Mini Backpack!

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Pinocchio (1940) - Figaro Cosplay 10 Inch Faux Leather Mini Backpack

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