Predator - Shiftsuit Predator Q-Fig MAX Elite 8 Inch Vinyl Figure

Perhaps the galaxy's most-feared hunters, the Predator species has a fondness for collecting gruesome trophies from its prey. As fierce as they are cunning and silent, they're capable of taking down almost any target.

Thanks to Quantum Mechanix, our favorite deadly species has been brought to life as it appeared in the classic scene where the Predator stalks Major Dutch Schafer. Perched up high in the trees, it uses a combination of high-tech gadgets and highly-developed senses to scan for its victim.  In this exclusive version, the Predator has engaged its cloaking system high above in the trees while the Dutch hide in the mud below. Completely translucent, the Shiftsuit Predator warps the light around his body leaving only a small visible silhouette. If it moves, you just might be able to catch a glimpse. 

At a total of 8" in height (includes base), the epic diorama perfectly reflects the Predator's meticulous hunting instincts. No detail has been spared, from the creature's wrist blast and razor-sharp mandibles to the skull-adorned tree trunk, complete with hanging rope and spiked posts. If you look extra close, you may even be able to spot Dutch hiding in the mud below, waiting for the right moment to strike.

This exclusive piece is individually numbered and limited to just 5,000 pieces worldwide.

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Predator - Shiftsuit Predator Q-Fig MAX Elite 8 Inch Vinyl Figure

  • AUD $99.99

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