Space: 1999 - Eagle Freighter 5 Inch Vehicle Replica

The Eagle Transporter is the main mode of transport for the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha from the iconic Anderson sci-fi series, Space: 1999!

Equipped with a cargo pod, the Freighter Eagle is designated Type B and used for transporting supplies and equipment to exploration teams on a planet's surface, and for the return of elements vital to Alpha's environmental and reprocessing systems. They can also be used as space-borne tankers for the refueling of Eagles with insufficient reserves for the trip back to Alpha.

Recreated by Sixteen 12 with remarkable attention to detail, this 5” replica is so intricate you’d think it was one of the original scale models from the show itself!

Crafted using both plastic and aluminum elements, these replicas have spared no expense in bringing the classic feel of these iconic vehicles to life.


  • Incredibly detailed 5-inch Freighter Eagle
  • Detailed spine and frame cages with recessed surface detail
  • Detachable pallet pod with winch mechanism
  • x6 Magnetic nuclear waste canisters
  • Magnetic winch grab
  • Aluminium engine bells
  • Alpha Moonbuggy

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Space: 1999 - Eagle Freighter 5 Inch Vehicle Replica

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