Star Trek - Attack Wing Ratosha Expansion

Bajoran scout ships, like the Ratosha, are vessels used by the Bajorans for many purposes including troop transport and scouting missions. The Ratosha is unique as it also served as an assault vessel on many occasions! Add the Ratosha to your fleet today and manipulate attack and defense rolls! 

Expansion Includes:

2 Shield Tokens

1 Critical Hit Token

1 Auxiliary Power Token

1 Disabled Upgrade Token

8 Captain ID Tokens

1 Admiral Token

1 Fleet Action Token

5 Effect Tokens

1 Ratosha / Bajoran Scout Ship Pre-painted Miniature

1 Plastic Base

2 Plastic Pegs

1 Ship Token

1 Maneuver Dial

5 Action Tokens

1 Evade Token

1 Scan Token

1 Battle Stations Token

1 Red Target Lock Token

1 Blue Target Lock Token

2 Ship Cards


Bajoran Starship

1 Maneuver Card

Bajoran Scout Ship

3 Captain Cards


Day Kannu


1 Admiral Card

Jaro Essa

6 Upgrade Cards

1 Assault Vessel Upgrade

3 Bajoran Militia

1 More Than Meets the Eye

1 Provisional Government

2 Mission Cards

Siege: Mission Overview

Siege: Special Rules

1 Additional Rules Card

Admiral Cards / Fleet Action Token / Admiral ID Token

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Star Trek - Attack Wing Ratosha Expansion

  • AUD $22.99

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