Star Trek - Attack Wing RIS Pi Expansion

Add the Romulan starship RIS Pi to your Star Trek Attack Wing set with the new RIS Pi Expansion. A Theta-class Romulan scout starship, the Pi was in service with the Romulan Star Empire’s Star Navy in the 24th Century. 

Star Trek: Attack Wing is a tactical space combat HeroClix miniatures game, featuring pre-painted ships from the Star Trek Universe. By using the FlightPath manoeuvre system, players engage in exploration and combat, traversing sprawling Star Trek space maps. 

Players have the ability to customize, upgrade, and assign famous crew members to their fleets, which feature ships from the series' prominent empires and forces as well as special stats and abilities, and unique manoeuvres on separate HeroClix Combat Dials.

The RIS Pi Expansion includes a pre-painted miniature spaceship and a new set of cards and tokens. 

This miniatures expansion is a must have for all Star Trek gamers! To play this expansion you will first need the Star Trek: Attack Wing Starter Set.

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Star Trek - Attack Wing RIS Pi Expansion

  • AUD $22.99

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