The Batman - Batman Premium Format Statue

    "Two years of nights have turned me into a nocturnal animal."

    Sideshow presents The Batman Premium Format Figure, a striking DC Comics collectible bringing both hope and vengeance to your display.

    The Batman Premium Format Figure measures 19" tall and 22" wide as Batman, balanced with one foot on the rain-soaked black pavement, dismounts a sleek motorcycle which features functioning head and tail lights. Based on designs from The Batman, this fully realized black Batcycle stands steady and sturdy on two massive wheels beneath Batman. The hero’s mouth is set in its signature scowl, while his coiled body braces for the oncoming storm - whether it be a brutal battle or an emotional farewell.

    Inspired by Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of the Dark Knight in The Batman (2022) directed by Matt Reeves, The Batman Premium Format Figure was created utilizing extensive reference material from Warner Bros. and thus evokes all of the drama and intrigue present throughout the film. From Batman’s cowl to his utility belt and boots, the fully sculpted, film-accurate Batsuit depicts the character’s commitment to fighting crime in Gotham City in meticulous, realistic detail. This comprehensive mixed media collectible also includes a tailored, wired fabric cape, allowing you to recreate the dynamic movement of an intense motorcycle chase scene. Fans of The Batman won’t want to miss their chance to make this ultimate tribute a centerpiece in their DC Comics collection.

    Embrace the night and bring home The Batman Premium Format Figure today!

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    The Batman - Batman Premium Format Statue

    • AUD $1,699.99

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