The Lord of the Rings - Mouth of Sauron Art Mask 1:1 Scale Life-Size Bust

“My master, Sauron the Great, bids thee welcome. Is there any in this rout with authority to treat with me?"

The Mouth of Sauron was one of the few servants of Mordor who would directly communicate with Sauron, a job position envied only by those coerced into corruption. With a decaying toothy grin, a scratched-up steel crown covering the upper half of his face, and a black hood, the Mouth of Sauron is captured as he’s seen in The Lord of the Rings when he greets Aragorn and his army at the Mordor Gate.

Measuring approximately 66cm high, this meticulously detailed life-sized Art Mask spares no chance to bring out the frightening character of this villain. Everything from the weathered paint applications, materials used, a torn facial expression, and the overall sculpt has been masterfully created to produce only the highest quality of characterization. Fans of Sauron’s servant won’t be disappointed. But you’ll have to hurry. Limited to just 1500 units worldwide, this masterpiece won’t last long!

Don’t miss out! Order the limited edition Mouth of Sauron Life-Size Art Mask online today and add it to your Lord of the Rings collection! 

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The Lord of the Rings - Mouth of Sauron Art Mask 1:1 Scale Life-Size Bust

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