• X-Men - Emma Frost Premium Format Statue
X-Men - Emma Frost Premium Format Statue
"Just you wait - I’m full of surprises."
Bow before the White Queen! The dangerous and talented telepath, Emma Frost, is coming to the incredible X-Men Collection Premium Format statues by Sideshow.
Emma Frost has been captured in a moment of intense telepathic focus as she stands atop the ruins of the Cerebro room in the X-Mansion, with her blonde hair flowing around her beautifully detailed portrait as she focuses her immense mental powers to stop the threat at hand. The highly detailed base features the remains of the mutant mindwave device, as well as Cyclops’ visor, Juggernaut’s footprint, and the distinctive claw marks of Wolverine.
Standing approximately 19.5 inch tall, the Emma Frost Premium Format statue is shown in a sculpted white costume with gloves and boots, all of which have been detailed with lifelike textures of stitching and lacing, and subtly patterned with her diamond motif. The powerful telepath also features an elegant flowing white fabric cape, which has been custom tailored with internal wiring to allow for posing.
Recreate the ultimate mutant battle in the X-Mansion by pairing Emma Frost with the other Premium Format statues in Sideshow’s X-Men Collection, including Wolverine, Mystique, Magneto and the Dark Phoenix.
It doesn’t take a mind reader to know that you need the Emma Frost Premium Format statue in your X-Men collection.

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X-Men - Emma Frost Premium Format Statue

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