X-Men - Jean Grey Premium Format Statue

“I'm not afraid to die for what I believe in. Are you?

One of the most powerful mutants ever to have existed, Jean Grey, is showing the full extent of her abilities as she hovers over a snowy landscape with pink tendrils of telekinetic power rising up around her, holding the graceful telepath in mid air as she uses her powers to aid her fellow X-Men in battle.

Taking inspiration from the 90s era of X-Men with their Gold Team uniform, the Jean Grey Premium Format Statue has been expertly sculpted with an incredible level of detail, capturing the legendary telepath in her classic blue and yellow bodysuit with her signature fiery red hair flowing behind her and an open cowl to reveal her beautifully sculpted portrait. Jean Grey's costume also features detailed paneling and raised elements, including blue gauntlets and shoulder pads, as well as a belt with an iconic red and black X-Men “X" insignia buckle.

The stunning polyresin statue stands approximately 21” tall by 10” wide, and would make an incredible showpiece in any X-Men collection. Alternatively, pair Jean Grey with the other amazing X-Men Premium Format Statues by Sideshow Collectibles, including Wolverine, Mystique and Emma Frost, so you can unleash the ultimate mutant battle in your home.

Artists: Adam Smith (Mold and Cast), Kat Sapene (Paint), Chie Izuma (Paint), Mark Newman (Sculpt), Richard Luong (Design), The Sideshow Design and Development Team.

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X-Men - Jean Grey Premium Format Statue

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