X-Men - Silver Samurai 1/10th Scale Statue

Kenuichio Harada, aka Silver Samurai, wields his duel Katanas that are energized with his tachyon field mutant power, allowing the deadly blades to cut through any substance with the exception of adamantium. In the protection of his chrome Samurai armor that is made of a near-indestructible metallic alloy similar to adamantium, Harada creates an imposing figure with exceptional skills in martial arts that allow him to stand toe-to-toe with even the strongest of enemies, including his great rival Wolverine.

Silver Samurai is sometimes the enemy of the X-Men and sometimes the ally, but he always acts according to his personal ambitions and his honor, and now the deadly warrior is joining the colossal battle diorama with the Silver Samurai 1/10th Scale Statue by Iron Studios.

This limited edition polystone statue stands approximately 9.8 inches tall on a themed display base and has been finished with hand painting to showcase the high level of detail on the dynamically posed statue.

Join Silver Samurai with his Mutant Brotherhood for an epic display in your X-Men collection.

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X-Men - Silver Samurai 1/10th Scale Statue

  • $329.99

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