X-Men - Storm MiniCo 8 Inch Vinyl Figure

The marvelous mutants from Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men are getting a mega makeover as they join Iron Studio’s line of magnificent MiniCo vinyl figures, featuring Wolverine, Jean-Grey, Gambit, Beast, Psylocke, Storm, Rogue, and Cyclops.

Based on the classic 1990’s appearances in Marvel Comics, this collection sees the mutant heroes fighting atop the scrap heaps of a fallen Sentinel Robot as they battle their iconic mechanical enemies in an adorable MiniCo style.

The Storm MiniCo 8” Vinyl Figure captures the powerful elemental mutant in her iconic white and gold costume as she rises through the winds to hover above the fallen remains of her mechanical enemy. The nigh-unstoppable Omega-level mutant stands approximately 8.2” tall on the themed diorama base as she manipulates and controls the elements around her.

Recreate the adorably-deadly battle against the Sentinels with Storm and her team of X-Men in your collection.

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X-Men - Storm MiniCo 8 Inch Vinyl Figure

  • $79.99

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