Dune (1984) - Baron Harkonnen ReAction 3.75 inch Action Figure

ReAction figures celebrate the iconic 3.75" action figures from our childhood. The classic size and sculpting style is simple, allowing Super7 to go all out with their imagination when designing these unique figures. ReAction figures continue that nostalgic form factor, making the figures we wished we had while growing up.

Based on the vintage toys from the 1984 motion picture, Super7's Dune ReAction Action Figures will take you both back in time to the '80s and into the far-distant future of Arrakis!

This 3.75” articulated Dune ReAction Figure of Baron Harkonnen features the despot in the Suspensor gear he requires to simply move around. This megalomaniac is a perfect arch-villain for your collection, so clear out plenty of shelf space to make room for the Dune ReAction Figure of Baron Harkonnen!

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Dune (1984) - Baron Harkonnen ReAction 3.75 inch Action Figure

  • AUD $34.99

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