Thundercats - Mumm-Ra Decayed Form Deluxe 1:10 Scale Statue

Coming out of his millennial sarcophagus, the grotesque ancient undead mummified sorcerer with bluish-gray skin and red eyes, slowly moves with his body partially enfolded in bandages and covered in a crimson cloak! With atrophied hands and a terrifyingly insane smile in his hideous face, his evil mind plans the next steps of conquest, either by manipulating and using his animalistic minions Mutants from the planet Plun-Darr, declared enemies of the ThunderCats, or in his more powerful and pharaonic form known as the “Ever-Living”. On top of a raised platform of his Black Pyramid from the darkest corners of the planet called Third Earth, the frontal part of his base presents a miniature of his sarcophagus, guarded from both sides by sculptures of ancient deities, adorned with the stairs of the villain’s millennial building.

Iron Studios present the Thundercats Mumm-Ra Decayed Form Deluxe Limited Edition 1:10 Art Scale Statue, with the biggest archenemy of the feline from Thundera in his decrepit and decayed form. Made of Polystone, this statue measures 8-inches tall.

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Thundercats - Mumm-Ra Decayed Form Deluxe 1:10 Scale Statue

  • AUD $499.99

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