Unruly Industries - Ram & Giraffe Guerrilla Squadron 9 Inch Vinyl Figure Set by Freehand Profit

Embrace the urban jungle and squad up with the Ram & Giraffe Guerrilla Squadron 9” Vinyl Figure Set by Freehand Profit.

Inspired by the artist’s traditional sneaker canvas combined with a vintage gas mask aesthetic, these wildly imaginative collectible creatures can be displayed on a shelf or mounted on your wall with an ambigram that reads “PROFIT” in either direction.

Artist Statement: Welcome to the Guerrilla Art Squadron. An eclectic pack of stylish animal survivalists. The first pair of creatures we come across in this post apocalyptic petting zoo are the Giraffe and the Ram. How’d we get here? I’m not sure but you better grab a mask quick if you wish to survive! At some point we forgot we’re not the only species on this planet. Despite an effort to reverse our Kamikaze run of war, consumption and pollution; our time as the dominant species came to an end. It wasn’t the end for the rest of the planet though, evolution continued to push forward. Beasts of all types developed amongst an ever changing world, constantly engineering new ways to survive the hostile environment humans left behind - namely gas masks that allow them to breath in a now toxic atmosphere.

Artist Bio: Freehand Profit is a Los Angeles based artist best known for making one of a kind masks from highly coveted sneakers and his MASK365 project. The Guerrilla Art Squadron series stems from the MASK365 project and contains more than 100 gas mask designs based on various characters and creatures. His obsession with masks stems from an exploration of what the masks we choose to wear reveal about our true identity; an obsession only matched by Freehand’s love of Hip-Hop. His apocalyptic visions are as much a reflection as they are premonitions. - Gary Lockwood (Freehand Profit).

Artists: Freehand Profit (Design & Sculpt), Mireya Romo-Bowen (Paint).

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Unruly Industries - Ram & Giraffe Guerrilla Squadron 9 Inch Vinyl Figure Set by Freehand Profit

  • AUD $299.99

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