Vitruvian: Fantasy - Fallen Necromancer Stheno H.A.C.K.S 4 Inch Action Figure

Take up sword and shield, bow and arrow, or spell and staff as the battle for the ages continues to rage with the Vitruvian: Fantasy H.A.C.K.S. Series 2 Wave 6 action figures.

The Fallen Necromancer Stheno H.A.C.K.S action figure stands approximately 4” tall and has been crafted with a high level of detail and full articulation, and comes complete with accessories and a Boss Fight figure stand for display. The customisable Highly Articulated Character Kit System (H.A.C.K.S.) also allows you to mix and match interchangeable parts to create your own unique action figures.

History of the Fallen Necromancer Stheno:

The source of many of the woes that this timeline suffers. Stheno's plan to destroy the Greek pantheon backfired, tearing reality apart at the seams and fracturing the timeline asunder. Unable to control the forces she had unleashed Stheno was lucky to survive. Now substantially depowered and with her ability to turn unwilling victims into Gorgons gone, Stheno has turned once again to dark magicks in order to achieve her goals. Believing that the Gorgon Horde was flawed, Stheno has set up a new temple and forcibly merges captured humans, elves and even orcs with various animals in an effort to breed the perfect soldier and build her army again.

Our investigations into the triggering event that caused the time fractures indicate that Stheno's powers temporarily failed at the same instant that Perseus decapitated Medusa during the final battle between the tattered remnants of the Greek defense forces and the Gorgon Horde. Our working theory is that the powers of the sisters are somehow linked and a significant change to the state of one affects the others. Medusa's defeat seems to have weakened her sister. If we find some clues to Eurayle's whereabouts we could obtain confirmation and may be able to defeat the sisters for once and for all.Please note: These kits are adult collectibles for ages 12 and up. They contain functional sharp points and small parts.

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Vitruvian: Fantasy - Fallen Necromancer Stheno H.A.C.K.S 4 Inch Action Figure

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