Cluedo - It (2017) Edition Board Game

“Time to Float"

Pennywise has been terrorising the town of Derry, Maine and it’s now up to the Loser’s Club to determine how he will strike next! 

Taking on the roles of the kids from the 2017 film IT, players will move around the game board representing locations in and around the town of Derry. Be the first to determine WHO Pennywise will abduct, WHAT object he will use to lure them and WHERE he will take them from, in this new edition of the classic mystery game!


1 x Gameboard

7 x Character Tokens (Eddie, Richie, Beverly, Bill, Mike, Ben & Stanley)

6 x Custom Items (Television Set, Paper Boat, Richie’s Glasses, Jack-in-the-Box, Eddie’s Pill, and an Egg)

7 x Suspect Cards

6 x Item Cards

9 x Location Cards

13 x Intrigue Cards

7 x Personality Cards

1 x Notebook Pad

1 x CLUEDO Envelope

2 x Dice

1 x Rules

Players: 2-7

Duration: 20-60 minutes

Ages: 15+

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Cluedo - It (2017) Edition Board Game

  • AUD $54.99

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