Cluedo - Scooby-Doo Edition Board Game

Mrs White is experiencing a spell of abductions at her Haunted Mansion in Scooby-Doo Cluedo!

In distress over this troubling situation, Mrs White has invited Scooby-Doo and the gang over to investigate. Always up for an exciting mystery, the friends dress up as their favourite Cluedo game characters, and get right to solving the crime. But while everyone is working on the case, someone in the mansion is abducted by a monster!

To win Scooby-Doo Cluedo, you must solve: WHO was abducted? WHERE? And WHAT item did the monster leave behind?



6 x Coloured Character Tokens

6 x Custom Items (Funland Robot’s Ray Gun, Carlotta the Gypsy’s Spell Book, Frankenstein’s Monster’s Chain, Witch Doctor’s Staff, Ghost Clown’s Bomb and Ghost of Redbeard’s Sword) 

6 x Character Cards 

6 x Item Cards

6 x Personality Cards

9 x Location Cards

25 x “?” Cards

'Case Closed’ Envelope

Detective Notebook Sheets

2 x Dice

Game Rules

Players: 2-6

Ages: 8+

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Cluedo - Scooby-Doo Edition Board Game

  • $59.99

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