Munchkin - Munchkin Zombies 4 Spare Parts 

"Once more unto the brain, dear friends."

The undead munchkins are ready for another round in this 56-card expansion for Munchkin Zombies; with an assortment of new ways to get those annoying survivors and eat their Braaaainnss! Take on a new power, Solo and demonstrate to the other Zombies on the block who is BOSS! Pick up your Spare Parts and Bowling Gloves and take on your Ex-Roommate! With a Second Wind you can destroy the formiddable Surgeon General, but do not get into trouble with the Curse: Dead heat!   

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Munchkin - Munchkin Zombies 4 Spare Parts

  • AUD $17.99

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Tags: Steve Jackson Games, Card Games, Munchkin

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