Munchkin - Munchkin Booty (Revised) 

"Arghhh me hearties!" - Munchkin Booty imports the greatest treasure hunters in history, Pirates! 

Use your Silver Long Johns to beat the Lobster Master, drink your demon rum to fight off the Viking Kittens and defend yourself with the Cutlass (or for you masculine peeps out there, Cutlad) against the Prince of Whales. You must always be watching out for Sharks though!

Get seriously involved in all that is Munchkin Booty by raking in the loot as a Pirate, Naval Officer or Merchant. Above all of this...level up!

Munchkin Booty is a stand alone game, ready for crazy Munch-anigans! However, if you want to really get the full Munchkin experience join it with the original Munchkin! Designed by the mastermind, Steve Jackson and illustrated by the brilliantly clever John Kovalic.


68 Cards

A unique 6-sided die

A rule-sheet 

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Munchkin - Munchkin Booty (Revised)

  • $39.99

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