Video Game High School - Board Game

    Video Game High School is the epic, hilarious, long-form web series that takes place in a world where professional video gamers are the world's biggest celebrities. With millions of fans, Video Game High School is one of the internet's most popular serial narrative series; it's an impressively ambitious project that has now reached its third season.

    Plaid Hat Games is proud to present the Video Game High School board game! A 2-4 player game designed by Isaac Vega with art by Justin Chan that takes about 30 minutes to play, VGHS is rockin' good time for VGHS fans and strategy board game fans alike, with solid mechanics to go along with tons of theme that comes right from the show.

    Each player gets to be one of six characters from the series, represented by a character card with a unique rule for that character, plus standees and special power cards. Players roll their five skill dice and get a couple chances to re-roll to get the results they need. They then take turns choosing spots on the board for their characters' standees and resolving the effects, gaining skill tokens, getting high scores in games, and moving up the ranks of Video Game High School. The first player to achieve the #1 rank is the winner!

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    Video Game High School - Board Game

    • $59.99

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