X-Men - Spiral 1/10th Scale Statue

With her six arms swinging her blades in harmony, Spiral gracefully moves through the gardens of Mansion X to stand atop a fallen fountain as she prepares to show off her skills in battle. Highly specialized in combat, Spiral possesses an athletic aptitude and mystical knowledge and moves as if in a dance to defeat any opponent.

Leaping out of the Mojoverse, the Spiral 1/10th Scale Statue captures the interdimensional traveler as she enters the grandiose diorama of mutant heroes facing Magneto and his mutant-killing Sentinel Robots.

Rita "Ricochet” Wayword was a professional stuntman in the past and is now a temporal paradox. Attacked by a mutated version of herself from the future called Spiral, she was captured by Mojo, the lord of another dimension, ruled by the entertainment of its inhabitants. In this dimension, Rita underwent physical and mental changes, gaining six arms, some of which are robotic, and an intense enhancement of her mind, allowing her to see and travel through other dimensions and teleport through time. Besides these new abilities, she also acquired mystical knowledge, and under Mojo's command, traveled back in time and created the events that made her what she is today. With graceful gestures and dance-like moves, Spiral can teleport herself and countless people across great distances.

Standing 12.6" tall on a themed base, the limited edition Spiral 1/10th Scale Statue has been skillfully crafted in hand-painted polystone, depicting the graceful warrior ready to unleash a fury of blades against the mechanical monstrosities.

Continue the battle against the mutant killing Sentinels with the Spiral 1/10th Scale Statue in your X-Men collection.

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X-Men - Spiral 1/10th Scale Statue

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