Conker’s Bad Fur Day - Soldier Conker 12 Inch Statue

From Conker’s Bad Fur Day comes the Soldier Conker 12” Statue from First 4 Figures, exploding into action with guns blazing.

The highly detailed Conker statue is inspired by the eighth chapter in the game, "It's War", where Conker is taken to the war-torn Tediz Base Beachhead. Conker undergoes a costume change fit for war and dons a combat helmet whilst wielding two guns to protect himself against his enemies, the Tediz, hostile teddy bears attempting to take over Conker's world.

Soldier Conker stands approximately 12.9” tall on a themed base designed on the beachhead itself from the “It’s War” chapter, and like any well-fortified beachhead during the World War era, this one is laden with barbed-wire barricades to make it difficult for intruders to infiltrate their base.

Arm your collection with the Soldier Conker 12” Statue.

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Conker’s Bad Fur Day - Soldier Conker 12 Inch Statue

  • $899.99

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