Dark Souls - Mimic Chest Companion 7 Inch Statue

Dare you open the chest to see what treasure lies within?

Greedy travellers beware, what may be a seemingly harmless treasure chest might turn out to be a man-eating mimic. They sleep in the corners of Lordran, the Land of Ancient Lords, disguised as normal treasure chests and apatiently awaiting discovery so they can ensnare their unsuspecting victims, and attack as they attempt to retrieve the treasures within.

In the brutal dark fantasy video game, Dark Souls, Mimics are unique monsters awaiting for the player to mistakenly open them. When they are opens their true intimidating and violent nature is revealed, as they grab and sink their teeth into the player with no remorse and then shred their ill-fated victim apart. Rumour has it that the treasures they keep are belongings of their unfortunate  past victims. However, experienced players will recognise the tells to differentiate Mimics from normal treasure chests, unless they let their greed get the better of them.

The Mimic Chest Companion 7 Inch Statue captures the terrifying monster before it has just revealed itself, and is the perfect companion piece to the Mimic 23 Inch Statue by First 4 Figures. The Mimic Chest Companion statue has been crafted in resin, and stands approximately 5 Inch tall and 7 Inch wide atop a highly detailed base that was inspired by the theme and style of the Dark Souls game, which features the element of Messages inscribed on the base for the true Dark Souls fans, and comes with an authentication card.

This is a must-have for any fan of the Dark Souls games to relive their memorable encounters with this frightening creature.

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Dark Souls - Mimic Chest Companion 7 Inch Statue

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