• Homeland - Board Game

Homeland - Board Game

Full of intrigue, deception and hidden agendas comes this addictive new Board Game, Homeland. Players may take the roles of CIA analysts, directing agency resources to combat the rising tide of global terrorism, but don't get too comfortable as some people are not what they seem...

There are three main aims in this Board Game.

The first is to always Stay Alert - There is new threats constantly surrounding you and every card that gets played is the chance for either stability or catastrophe!

Vigilance is key - Use your tools at every chance to stop impending terrorist threats. To keep the nation safe you must deploy soldiers, insert agents and recruit key assets!

Do not trust anyone - It's a natural instinct to trust your friends but not everyone is who they seem. Keep a close eye on your rivals to make sure they're not working against you!  

3 - 6 players! 

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Homeland - Board Game

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