• The Godfather - A New Don Dice Game

The Godfather - A New Don Dice Game

The Godfather: A New Don is a game for 3-6 players that sees each player taking control of one of the major mafia families, each trying to assert their power in the streets of 1950’s New York in hopes of taking the reigns as the new kingpin of the criminal world.

Each round players will roll their individual pools of dice and decide what area of the city they’ll want to focus on trying to capture. Meanwhile, the current Don will be able to make players an offer they can’t refuse and steal dice from their limited supply. Staying on top proves difficult as every stolen die moves other players up the ladder toward taking over as Don, so the tension rises with each shake of the dice. With multiple ways to use each dice you roll, players will never find themselves at the mercy of the die, instead they’ll use what they roll to make their opponents beg for mercy.

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The Godfather - A New Don Dice Game

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