• The Last Banquet - Board Game

    The Last Banquet - Board Game

    The Last Banquet is an epic, large-group game for six to twenty-five players. Each player takes on the role of a member of the Royal Court, from the King himself, to the pious Abbot, ghostly White Maiden, and courtly Baron. Acting out their respective roles, players must use the actions allowed to them to try and accomplish their team’s agenda. However, you must be judicious in your actions, as the King is watching closely for signs of disloyalty–and not everyone at the banquet table is on your side. Court the King’s favor, and work to enact your own cunning machinations to further your own ends.

    Featuring multiple scenarios of intrigue, teamwork, roleplaying, and bluffing, The Last Banquet will have you cleverly navigating the intricacies of the royal court in hopes of securing your team’s objective.

    • Players: 6-25
    • Playing time: 30-90 minutes
    • Age: 14+

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    The Last Banquet - Board Game

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